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Minute for Renewal

From Elder Tanya Karimi.  The Renewal Commission is forming.  This week and the next Session is working to form the Renewal Commission.  At the same time Nominating Committee is discerning new Ruling Elders and Deacons who will lead us during this renewal time and continuing forward.  Please keep Session and Nominating Committee in your prayers.

From Elder Tanya Karimi: Church Renewal from May 1 to July 31 will be funded using the following designated funds: Garage Sale Fund (including half of 2019's garage sale profits), Scrip Fund, New Ministries Initiative Fund, and Congregational Renewal Designated Fund. Combined, these funds currently total over $10,000.

From Elder Tanya Karimi: Church renewal is needed because of certain trends: a decrease in regular attendance; a decrease in pledging and giving; a change/decrease in volunteer energy; the aging of established members; and, for a church our size, maintaining a large paid staff. The goal of congregational renewal is to implement changes to address these trends.

From Elder Tanya Karimi: The session has voted to hire Reverend Tom Letts from May to July. He will lead Sunday worship and coach the session and renewal commission on implementing renewal initatives.

From Elder Tanya Karimi: The session has identified how to meet the financial needs for congregational renewal from May - July 2019 without affecting already budgeted resources. For renewal, session has identified existing designated funds (DFs), including the Congregational Renewal DF, that meets the costs of hiring an interim pastor and funding activities related to renewal. For Dr. Tom's sabbatical, he will continue to receive his salary and will have use of the Pastor Sabbatical DF for expenditures included in the approved sabbatical plan. The church is not able to give him a stipend for this sabbatical. If you feel so moved, you may donate to either/both the Congregational Renewal and Pastor Sabbatical DFs.

From Elder Tanya Karimi: Congregational renewal at FPC currently has two parts: immediate and long term. Immediate is the renewal period during Dr. Tom's sabbatical from May 1 to July 31. Session has identified some planning goals for these three months: hire one minister to lead worship during all three months, involve the entire congregation in a book study. Long term is the report Session received from the Future of Faith Focus Group (FFFG) and its recommendations that include frequent communication as to the visions and reasons for renewal and the establishment of a renewal commission by April 2019. The next Session meeting is February 20 where session will address implementing the immediate renewal goals, will vote to formally accept the FFFG report, when formally accepted will publish electronic and hard copies of the report, and will identify criteria for members of the renewal commission.

From Elder Tanya Karimi: Session voted to endeavor to follow the terms and recommendations of the Future of Faith Focus Group final report. The report identifies the need for congregationalrenewal and ways to meet that need. You can access the report by here or pick up a hard copy in the narthex.