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Plan Your Visit

How Do I Get to Faith?

We’re on the NE corner of N. Circle and Palmer Park Drives. You come into our parking lot from Happiness Street, one block east of N. Circle on Palmer Park. You can see a map by clicking the link to the left.

Are You Gonna Embarrass Me?

We sure hope not! You’ll be greeted when you come in the door just like everyone else. We'll invite you to make a nametag--everyone has handmade nametags so yours won't stand out. We usually pause to greet one another at some point during the worship service, and the people sitting near you will welcome you. We all take a moment to fill out a card with prayer requests and contact information. This is really helpful for us to know you were with us, but you can skip it if you want. Bottom line, you’re not going to be singled out in any way.

What Should I Wear?

When you worship with us, you might see some folks in suits and dresses, some in jeans and t-shirts, but most wear business casual attire. Really, we’re interested in you just being you. Dress in whatever you feel comfortable in.

When Should I Get There?

Worship begins at 10:15 AM with a brief time of announcements and concludes around 11:30 AM. We always try to save some parking spaces in front of our main doors for visitors and people with special needs. The Sanctuary is through the large wooden doors depicting a cross with mountains in the background.

What Should I do with My Kids?

All children are welcome to participate fully in our worship service, including the Lord’s Supper under your direction. 

Smaller Children

You might consider checking infants to toddlers into our bright and colorful nursery. It is staffed by caring and protective volunteers, all of whom love children. Every adult has passed a national background check. The nursery is located down the hall from the Sanctuary, or through the single glass door to the right of our main doors.

Older Children

Older children ordinarily receive a special message during worship. Children ages 3-7 are invited to enjoy the Pray-Ground, located in the right front corner of the Sanctuary. Other quiet activity bags are located near the entrances to the Sanctuary, and we encourage you to pick one of those up also.

What can I Expect in Worship?

First and foremost, we gather as a community of faith to receive God’s Word in Scripture, Sermon, and Sacrament (the Bible, the message, and the Lord’s Supper, often called Holy Communion or Eucharist). We design worship around this guiding principle. So together we prepare to hear God’s Word, receive it, and respond to it. For example, we praise God for who God is. We remember God’s forgiveness and acceptance. We offer ourselves to God’s care in prayer and to God’s service in gratitude.

Our worship includes a variety of musical offerings, including choir anthems, instrumental soloists and ensembles, and congregational singing.

Together as Faith Church we find assurance in God’s presence, challenge in Christ’s call, and joy in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Will I Be Welcome?

Faith Church consists of people from all walks of life and diverse points of view. We hold to a “better together” philosophy, believing that God has called us into community and so it’s better to be together than apart, even though we don’t agree on everything all the time. We believe God gifts our community with each individual, and gifts each individual through our community. Come join us!

What Happens at the End?

We invite you to meet the good people of Faith in our Fellowship Hall around coffee and snacks. If you visit during the school year, you’re welcome to join one of our Sunday School classes—9:00 AM for adults, children are dismissed toward the end of worship, youth meet in the evening on Sundays.

What about ____________?

Have another question? Feel free to email us at, or call 719-596-4895